revisiting my 2013 to-do list

by erinohsays

We are half-way through 2013 so I’m looking at the to-do list I created for myself 6 months ago.

to-do list

I haven’t done most of the things on this list, but I have done a lot of things that were never on the list.


-I still haven’t started taking weekly banjo lessons again, but I have been practicing every week and I just had my first performance in a while yesterday at my graduation party. I played a few songs on my own and then Emily and I performed John Prine’s “In Spite of Ourselves”.


-I’m feeling pretty good about being a loving friend, and I’m not partnered right now so I can’t speak to that. I do feel like I’ve done my best to communicate openly and honestly with anyone I’m spending quality time with.


-I haven’t practiced learning French at all. I have, however, been practicing Spanish a good amount, and just finished a 2-month intermediate Spanish course at the Community College here in Pittsburgh. My conversational Spanish is pretty smooth. I need to practice speaking at least once a week if I am ever going to become fluent.


-I haven’t been rock climbing but I have been jogging. Just tonight I went out for a 2-mile run around Bloomfield with my dad. It feels good to get my heart rate up and to sweat. I want to keep up the jogging 2-3 times per week.

-I’ve also started working in downtown Pittsburgh, about 3 miles from my house, and I plan on biking to and from work every day as long as the weather holds up.

-Okay, I don’t eat greens every day. I really need to start doing this. Honestly, I am lucky if I eat something fresh every day. I’ll start with that goal.


-I got one! I just started working for the City of Pittsburgh today in the Mayor’s Office coordinating a city-wide campaign to raise the high school graduation rate of Pittsburgh Public School students. It’s a one-year contract through AmeriCorps and I’m so grateful and excited to take on this project.

-I haven’t been DJing but I have been organizing a fashion show for September celebrating THE DEATH OF FASHION IN PITTSBURGH.

-I haven’t submitted any arts grants. I think that any grants I end up working on will be for my job in order to continue the graduation campaign once current funding runs out.


-I have not been reading 1 book per week! This is a shame and I really need to get on the ball. I have no excuse and need to make better use of down time. I’ve been volunteering at The Big Idea bookstore here in Pittsburgh and could definitely be reading more when it’s slow instead of being on FACEBOOK.

-I haven’t volunteered as a literacy tutor yet but I am going to start as a middle-school mentor in October at South Hills Middle School in Beechview, where I went to school! For 1 hour every week I’ll be meeting with a student to talk about homework, life, and goal-setting, as part of my job with the overall graduation campaign.

-I exhibited at the Chicago Zine Fair in March! And I’ll be exhibiting at the Pittsburgh Zine Fair in September, which I’m also helping to organize again this year.

-My Master’s thesis isn’t formally published per-say but it will be made available for free download on the Anti-Poverty Community Organizing and Learning website later this month: