high school zine making workshop

by erinohsays

A few weeks ago I was at a coffee shop in Brookline when a high school teacher came in with her grade 10 English students. They had written poems and were at the coffee shop to perform them for the public. I thought this was really cool so I introduced myself to the teacher and told her that what she was doing was great and how I wish I would have done this myself in high school.

I told her that it would be great if her students wanted to make zines for the Pittsburgh Zine Fair this fall  and that I wanted to involve more high school aged youth in the fair. I told her that I made zines and helped start the zine fair a few years ago. She was excited about that and asked if I would be interested in coming into her high school to do a few zine making workshops with her students. I was like, “YEAH!”

So I went to Thomas Jefferson High School last week and facilitated two zine making workshops with her grade 10 English literature students and it was awesome. As an icebreaker I asked students to answer the question, “If you could change one thing about school, what would it be?” Then we did a free association exercise and made poems  based on the words that came up in the exercise. Finally we made some zines! I will scan them and post them to my blog soon.

tj high school free association