women moving forward

by erinohsays

Last month I facilitated a workshop with a group of women at Toronto’s Women Moving Forward – a program for sole support moms aged 20-29 – to develop video stories. Below is a blog entry on the Women Moving Forward website about that workshop and one of the video stories that came out of it.


Friday, April 27, 2012 at 1:22PM

In a recent Community Engagement class, the group talked about digital storytelling, and how telling their stories can be important and impactful to others, as well as ourselves.  Erin Oh – who is currently studying issues around race, community, and digital storytelling at OISE, as well as working at the Mt Dennis Action for Neighbourhood Change to create a series of digital stories – helped the women to make their own videos about the stories they wanted to share.  They chose to tell stories of their families, their histories, their communities, their successes.  Jody Wulff told her story of “getting clean” – watch the powerful video below: